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Meaningful and ecologically sound design projects – promoting closed-loop systems

Storage Stool

 Upstyle Industries aims to make reuse of materials in everyday products more mainstream. They design flat-pack furniture that can be made from old furniture. The Kistkruk is their first design that is made … Continue reading

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Chef de Cuisine

Anja Baumgärtel uses found objects and modifies their functions while the visual identity of the object is kept. For Chef the Cuisine she collected kitchen stirrers from a local scrap yard … Continue reading

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Scrap wood Furniture

Piet Hein Eek‘s scrapwood furniture is made from different pieces of reclaimed wood to create durable and timeless furniture. Eek says: “As an amature DIYer/builder I can tell you how … Continue reading

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The Margate Collection

Zoe Murphy employs her skills to print onto recycled interiors products using imagery inspired by her seaside home town. She uses the mix of urban and costal images from Margate … Continue reading

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Twice Upcycled

“Mindful of the impact of textile and clothing production on the environment, Earley and Goldsworthy have developed a series of Twice Upcycled garments. Upcycling refers to reuse of a garment … Continue reading

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One piece – One edition

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler are the creators of ‘one piece – one edition, standing clock’, where the pendulum clock is been taken apart and become new pieces of furniture. … Continue reading

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New Heirlooms

CJ O’neill is interested in the building of memories through objects and surface pattern, ‘new heirlooms’ uses vintage ceramic pieces collected in charity shops,  which then are repurposed by reprinting … Continue reading

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